Chambray - A New Obsession by Bambino Amore - the Apron Makers
So maybe Chambray isn't a new obsession per say, but, it has been seen all over the runways for the Spring/Summer 2017 fashion shows.  And for good reason since it's the perfect alternative to denim + is super comfy - those are just facts.
Chambray - A New Obsession by Bambino Amore - the Apron Makers


Chambray is often confused with denim.  But, it's actually denim's light-weight cousin.  It's a cotton fabric that combines colored yarn (in the warp or top of the fabric) and white yarn (in the weft or back of the fabric), which is actually the same manner that denim is woven in.  However, Chambray is a plain or sometimes crisscross weave whereas denim is a diagonal weave.  In plain English that means that Chambray is a lighter, airier weave that exposes more of the white yarn in the top side of the fabric.  Whereas denim is a dense, tight weave (and therefore heavier) that keeps the white yarn on the back side of the fabric - giving it a darker color than any Chambray.

Chambray - A New Obsession by Bambino Amore - the Apron Makers


We know that Chambray has the appearance of a lightly colored denim and that it is a little bit heavier than basic quilting fabrics, but, not as heavy as denim.  So the question becomes - what can you make using Chambray?

The answer to that question is pretty endless.  You can go traditional and create a top like the one pictured above or you can get creative with it and create nearly anything you can think of for your Spring/Summer wardrobe.  Think: button up shirts, dresses (both flowing and structured), pantsuits, pants, and even shoes (Espadrilles look amazing in Chambray).


Can Chambray be used to create home-goods?  Of course!  It is perfect for tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases, duvet covers, and yes - especially aprons.  It is tough + durable while staying soft + comfy, which, in my opinion makes it ideal for a workhorse apron.

Washed Chambray will give you a similar wrinkled look of linen,.  As I'm sure you've seen all over Etsy and Pinterest, that wrinkled look is crazy popular these days.  So, with that in mind, I am thinking that a revamped bistro apron or gardening apron would be the perfect style choice for Chambray.  Mix it with pops of color - sparingly or all over for an unexpected surprise.  Like the soft pink seen in the image above. 


  • It's lighter than denim, but a bit heavier than standard quilting fabrics
  • It's generally 100% Cotton (not a blend)
  • It's durable - weighing in at 4.9 oz. per square yard
  • It's soft and non-scratchy fabric + will only get softer with each washing
  • Its composition makes it more versatile than denim + can be used for clothing and home-goods alike

What do you think of Chambray with pink?  I have tons of ideas swirling around and can't wait to share the end result with you!

Credits // Author and Photography: Kate Mark for Bambino Amore // Top Photo of Chambray: Fancy Tiger Crafts